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Doing Porn on the Side and the Lessons Learned with Alisha Madison

by benic on July 8th, 2011

Alisha MadisonToday we talked with Alisha Madison formerly known as Ms. Panther. Alisha is a porn actress who has starred in 70 adult films and has modelled in magazines like Score and Juggs. She has two websites and She shares how she started in the adult industry, the issues she faced, and the lessons she learned from her journey.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • How she got into the adult industry because she needed money to pay apartment rent. She responded to ads from a recruiter who suggested her to do bikini photos
  • She ended up making a video scene for this company instead and got $900 on her first boy-girl scene
  • Her experience with the first scene and how gullible she was to think that she was already earning a lot when it truth she wasn’t; She also shares how she did not want anybody to know that she was in the business until she got involved in a relationship
  • Her views on porn from the perspective of somebody in the industry; how it is more of a choice rather than exploitation and how some of her professors thought it was great as long as she controlled her own stuff
  • How she thought she was in it for the short term, but was surprised when somebody contacted her a few months later to do other scenes until she was finally referred to an agency and got her first adult industry medical test
  • Her experience with her first agency LA Direct and how the boss told her to lose weight but she ended up gaining more because she was having fun with life
  • How difficult it was to do some scenes and the fact that nobody was helping or guiding her along the way made it even more so. People were rude and looked at her as a “whore”
  • How she got $900 to $1000 for scenes but since she was new, they made her stay long and have to work 8 hours just for a 30-35mins scene
  • How her adult work affected her college life but she says she always made sure she was working on weekends and holidays and made it a point to tell her agent or producers that this was her schedule if they want a shoot
  • She does not consider porn as a long term solution for her
  • How and why she decided to change agencies (from LA Direct to Gold Star Agency) and the differences between them; with Gold Star she got better treatment and had a more positive experience
  • How she expected to continue with Gold Star Agency but because of a medical infection, she was dropped and that was when she decided to take a break from porn
  • How she decided to go back to porn to earn money for her wedding and she decided to change her name from Ms. Panther to Alisha Madison
  • What she did differently with her second attempt at porn and how she started studying about the industry more seriously and really doing the paperwork to control more of her stuff
  • Finally, she relays that she is moving to Germany with her new boyfriend; that she will stop doing porn by December and won’t be going back to the industry
  • Her advice to those who are looking to get into the industry – one has to know that it is a much bigger decision than what most girls think and that no matter how strong they think they are, they will be going through some tough things

About Alisha Madison:

Alisha MadisonThe busty, ebony starlet, Alisha Madison, has more to her than meets the eye. Having a degree in Economics, she will soon also finish her Masters in Business Administration. Her two websites and will be regularly updated and available to the public until December of this year, before she will permanently move to Germany.

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