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From Home Videos to AVN Award Nominee with Amber Chase

by benic on August 26th, 2011

Amber ChaseAmber chase is a porn actress, nude model and cam fetish model. In 2009 she was nominated for best All-Girl Couples sex scene by AVN. Her website features girl-guy scenes as well as erotica, art stuff and her blog as well. In this interview, she shares her experiences in the industry, how she started out, and what she has in store for the future.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Shares how fascinating and regular the people who work in the adult industry are
  • She was not a model before although she enjoyed posting pictures of her and her partner on one of the swinger sites; that was where a photographer approached her
  • Had always enjoyed swapping pictures with different people; had the opportunity to work with a photographer in Seattle for a fetish project – the result was a giant picture of her pussy
  • Ended up in contact with a photographer who really wanted her to be in his photo project which was not at all nude in nature; he gave her a list of photographers she might want to get in touch with and one of them was for home grown videos
  • She shared explicit photos and candid shots done at home on AdultFriendFinder
  • Learned that you need to shine light down below to get better shots; lighting is very important for home videos
  • Got the idea of posting online because she had always have a fetish of people watching her do things; she and her friends would have a party and they get promiscuous
  • Used to do oral with someone and sometimes doing things with other guy’s girls while guys watched
  • Reveals that she and her partner approached the photographer for home videos to ask questions on how it works; she debated whether to do it or not
  • She and her partner decided to go ahead and do a video with a content maker since both of them liked him – they decided to do a deep throat video. After shooting, she asked the director if his videos ever get released and she even offered to do more for the photographer
  • Eventually, her partner had a hard time distinguishing between her and her alter-ego Amber Rose
  • We discuss her experience after doing her first two home grown scenes and how she decided to do them
  • Says that backing out or asking for the video to be not released would depend on the contract that she signed; some would allow her to buy back the film
  • Got into the adult business more for her insatiable appetite when it comes to sex rather than for the money; she had always been sexually inclined
  • Explored the adult business and got really interested in the different aspects of the industry
  • Met Ana Stevens in 2007 when she started the AVN videos
  • Reveals that even though she and Ana might look like lesbians in reality they are really good friends; work together a lot and comfort each other through bad times
  • Had real fun shooting scenes with 10 girls in Arizona
  • Most of her experiences in the industry in LA has been trashy, it was fun but it has to have control
  • She has been lucky to have all positive experiences in porn although there were some bizarre things that happened leaving her wondering how it had happened
  • One bizarre experience she had was when she was doing a scene with a guy and the guy ejaculated in the middle of the photo shoot without her doing anything at all
  • There were times where they had to fake some end scenes although she tries her hardest not to fake much of her videos
  • Talks about how things are ballooning or mushrooming into problems; lately there has been “hate-speech” or porn wikileaks and mainstream media started promoting it without thinking about the consequences; there are porn stars who are not protected from the hate speech
  • Shares her experience with Donny Long, a wannabe director, who used to run a site that promoted the site to porn stars as a way to contact photographers while at the same time promoting it to civilians as a way to hook up with porn stars or escorts
  • In the end, accounts started getting compromised and hacked; information became fraudulent; also there was too much personal information that were suddenly published
  • Does not feel good when people got her real name; one time, she did not finish a show because she was called by her real name
  • She reveals that when she started her website it was a big step for her and she was able to differentiate “free speech” more from the fraudulent and unsavory things that porn wikileaks does. But she says she won’t quit porn just because of these issues
  • How most of her scenes were lesbian scenes but she wasn’t really a lesbian; sees women as “prettier” than men
  • Always liked the power she had for making girls enjoy sexual encounters
  • Right now she has been doing videos and web shows as a full time gig; also shows her studio and dungeon in her home; her basement is where all the adult action happens
  • Also shares belly dancing clips on her website
  • She could not sometimes believe what men are usually into when it comes to fetishes
  • A new niche in porn has her pampered and glammed up in make up and outfits while wearing customized penises
  • Has done movies like Vampire Virgin
  • Shares that she is going to continue doing this while going to school; but she’s uncertain about where her adult industry career will go after she graduates
  • She is still considering whether this was going to be a long term thing but right now she has too many projects and networks on her plate
  • Divulges that she has a new streaming program that is on the works; in the process of rendering and recording all her videos and by the end of summer or early September, these videos will be streamed through AVN as well as her site and other sites

About Amber Chase:

Amber ChaseAmber Chase can be found on Nightflirt, Clips4sale, Kinkbomb, YouTube and she even does Skype Shows. Having a wide variety of modeling interests such as fine art, yoga, bodyscape and performance arts, Amber has a long list of modeling experience and performances. She is also into Belly Dancing albeit she is not keen to betray her belly sisters and do a topless show.

Learn More about Amber Chase


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