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Having Fun Doing What You Want to Do: Aria DeLaunay Interview

by benic on May 13th, 2011

We talk with the cam model and domme Aria DeLaunay today. She gives us some insight into her world, how she got started and what she did to get where she currently is. She has a take charge personality, knows what she wants in life, and has a high sense of self entitlement; great qualities for success when it comes to being a dominatrix and cam model.

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Here’s the notes from the show:

  • This is our first interview where the interviewee is using the iPod Touch.
  • How did she get started? She has always been interested on the industry. She wanted to be her own boss.
  • The StripperWeb forum got her interested initially into adult work
  • When she was 12 her mother gave her a book about a girl wanting to be a Courtesan. That’s why she wanted to get into it.
  • Previous jobs and industry include:  car sales, medical field, hotel industry, food industry and more
  • Her sales experience helped her in selling herself
  • First steps she took: Browsing Craigslist and she came across a man looking for cam models, so she tried it (MyFreeCams). She dropped him after working with him to do it on her own.
  • First experience as a camgirl was great, nice  guests,  and great conversations.
  • She got a “regular” job as well just in case and to have some consistency.
  • She started cam modeling to earn  ”Extra Lunch Money” but decided to go full time.
  • She hated having mainstream jobs and wanted control of her life and personal freedom which is very important to her.
  • She loved what she was doing so it didn’t feel as much like work.
  • The right site for Aria was Streamate because for fetish models it was good and while the revenue split percentage of was BAD, the traffic on Streamate was good and more consistent.
  • OnHerCam had a great community, percentage was better, but had lower traffic so harder to make money.
  • Streammate uses money for huge marketing and promotion like TV commercials and requires customers to sign up with a credit card to get an account.
  • She does fetish shows on cam: SPH (small penis humiliation) and feet fetish.
  • A fetish show example: Go into private chat, watch her painting to nails.. sometimes they will masturbate or sometimes they will show themselves and sometimes they won’t.
  • Streammate as well as is good for fetish shows.
  • She goes over ways to protect herself online.
  • She has been drugged twice at regular nightclubs.
  • Her friends know what she does but not her family because she doesn’t want them to worry.
  • Beginning of 2011 she began cam modeling full time, before that she worked at optometrist office as a technician
  • She really wanted to cam full time so her goal was 50-100 dollars a day to get get by.
  • She has a boyfriend who supported her doing this which was very helpful.
  • Focus, more hours and setting goals for camming was important in succeeding.
  • What’s in her future: adult toy store, camming site, start building a brand and working on writing projects.
  • From the porn industry, Jenna Jameson and her book inspired her.
  • From the cam modeling industry, Violet Doll inspired her.
  • What advice to those starting out? Have fun, done be discouraged, be patient and build client list.

About Aria DeLaunay:

Aria DeLaunay is a Canadian camgirl who loves what she does. She is dominant, focused and ready to cause pleasure or pain. She plans to launch a slew of projects and continue building her personal brand.

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