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Life as an Escort: The Ashley Lorenzana Interview Part 2

by benic on April 29th, 2011

In today’s candid interview, we speak with Ashley Lorenzana, escort, writer and much more. She wrote “Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort”, a self published e-book where she shares her life as an escort.  She  was open and hoest with us and nothing was off limits. This is part 2 of the interview (view part 1) where we delve more into the world of escorting, how she got where she is today and where she wants to do in the future.

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Here are the notes from the show:


  • Her view on meshing her professional life with her personal life
  • Why escorts don’t always allow kissing (it can be a bit too intimate)
  • How younger clients sometimes get carried away and might ask you out (how that becomes awkward)
  • How past boyfriends had issues with her work and how did she handle it
  • She met some boyfriends through escorting
  • Talk about how trust plays a role and the importance of putting the relationships you care about first
  • Bartering for services
  • Younger clients versus older clients
  • “Don’t live with your clients”
  • Cash or gifts as payment
  • How she and her mom would talk escorting “shop” (both were escorts)
  • She has worked with her mother in the past.. French lessons!
  • Her mom seems like her kid sometimes because she is always taking care of her
  • Thinking about getting into porn and what the allure of getting into porn initially
  • Her desire to be in charge of her own business and her issues with trust
  • Advertising for threesomes
  • The process of signing up with an agency in porn
  • Her long term plans and direction
  • Her other career as a copywriter, article writer and more
  • Since craigslist postings are not allowed, where else can you go to find clients
  • The advantage of having regular clients (not needing to constantly find new clients)
  • Her strategies for retaining her clients
  • Why guys want to have the “Girl Friend Experience”
  • Why she wrote her free e-book called “The Guide to Successful Escorting”
  • Some important points to her guide:
    • Is escorting right for you?
    • Ask yourself a lot of questions
    • How to deal with family etc…
    • How to price
    • Avenues for advertising
    • And more…
  • Her other methods she uses to make money online
  • Why she doesn’t do webcams and other online shows (confidence issues)
  • For the most part, most “hobbyists” are gentleman, very respectful
  • Her “Go With the Flow” attitude with regards to her future
  • Her interest in going back to school and interest in web design
  • Talks about her sister, not wanting to be a hypocrite and concerns about her sister’s drug use
  • About depression, how she tried various techniques but nothing worked

About Ashley Lorenzana:

Ashley Lorenzana is an experienced escort as well as a writer. She is the author of “Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort”, her personal account of her experiences of her “colorful” life. She is currently focusing on her writing skills as well continuing to document her life as an adult worker.



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