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The Passionate Webcam Girl Who Sometimes Does Porn with Catherine Tayler

by benic on November 11th, 2011

Catherine Tayler (aka swtlilkitty69) is a webcam model who’s been camming for 2 years. In 2 years she went from spending her last $100 on a webcam to being able to purchase a car, a house, and support her family. Find out how her journey into the adult world started after she decided college wasn’t for her. Also learn how she’s expanding her empire by producing her own porn movie.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Used to go by a different name of swtlilkitty69 as a cam girl.
  • Has been camming for a little over 2 years.
  • Made the decision to get into porn when she met a director she was comfortable with.
  • Originally did not want to get into porn because she didn’t think it would be fun.
  • Started camming on iFriends but now is exclusive on Streamate.
  • Made the same amount of money spending a day on Streamate compared to one week on iFriends.
  • Decided to cam because she was broke and spent her last $100 purchasing a webcam.
  • Could not even say the words cock or pussy at the beginning because she was embarrassed.
  • Quit college only three days after she started camming.
  • Would fall asleep while camming sometimes.
  • Had her own website within five months.
  • Does not see anything wrong with using your real first name on cam.
  • Many of male her fans are married.
  • One of her fans put a down payment on her car.
  • Another fan helped her pay for her boob job.
  • Wanted to open up a tanning salon, but balancing a life of being a mom, cam-model and doing porn kept her too busy.
  • Tried to do a girl girl scene, but they didn’t click.
  • Views doing scenes as fun and not work.
  • Does not consider herself as a porn star since her passion and first love is camming.

About Catherine Tayler:

Catherine Tayler is an adult webcam model who’s been webcamming for the past 2 years. She soon plans to to launch her new website which will feature exclusive content and web shows.

Learn More about Catherine Tayler

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