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Killing It with Female Death Fetish Videos with Chris B

by benic on October 21st, 2011

Chris B or sometimes known as Chris B Corner is not your traditional adult actor or content producer. He’s one of the top producers of Female Death Fetish videos. I didn’t know such an industry existed until we interviewed Chris. He educates us about this niche, how he started, and the challenges of taking the road less travelled.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • He shoots death erotic fetish videos
  • Has shot titles like Centerfold Strangler, Underwater Prom, CSI Field Office, Barefoot Tied to a Tree
  • Got started making this type of fetish videos a favor for a friend who needed a place to shoot videos
  • At the time was managing a strip club in Salem, OR
  • He didn’t know he had a death fetish until he was introduced to John M while working at the strip club
  • John M asked him if he’d like to act in some of his movies partly because he wanted to get access to girls Chris had
  • Had done theater for years and had been acting since he was a kid…though until doing fetish vidoes he was never paid
  • The first film Chris and John did together was shot in the strip club he was working on
  • That film was one of their best sellers and after which they decided to keep working together
  • They shoot custom videos (videos people are looking for) and company videos which are videos shot under the studios direction
  • He’s shot films that range in price from $450 to $4500. Most of the films he makes cost around $200 to make
  • His videos are serious and real, but likes to put in comedy in them
  • Looks at CSI and mainstream shows for inspiration…as well as critiquing how they shoot it
  • There are several facets as to why people like Chris B’s films
  • Power and control and domination is a big motivation for why people like death fetish videos
  • A lot of fans of the fetish are very detailed into what they like (ie muscle twitching, how their veins pop out, etc…)
  • He makes his films better by getting feedback, studying, and participating and is more knowledgable about his target audience
  • He has a diverse background culinary degree, literature degree, and started working at the age of 15 when he was kicked out of his home
  • The fetish comes from humanity not necessarily because he makes the films giving people ideas
  • He has high end customers (doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc…)
  • He sees his videos as an outlet or therapy for his customers so instead of people going out and killing people they can watch his videos
  • Parted ways with John M due to creative differences and went out on his own
  • He’s in the top 3 studios selling videos and makes a full time living from it
  • His movies don’t always have insertion sex shots. Sometimes there’s no sex. Depends on the situation
  • In order to make a name for yourself in his industry you need to the fetish so you can understand theorem behind the videos
  • Fetish boards like are a good source to learn more about the fetish
  • Chris is one of the favorite actors of the death fetish genre so the community reacts well to him
  • People know he knows how to strangle somone and that he’s a big Teddy Bear
  • One big misconception is that the models are harmed
  • Market rate for actresses vary by location, in LA a full day rate can be around $800 to $1000
  • Sometimes he’ll approach girls to act in his videos at stores (like Marshall’s) “have you ever acted in horror movies”
  • The reality is you see way worse things on mainstream TV
  • About 35% successful at recruiting girls out in public to act in his films
  • Base rate is $150 an hour for models and the videos go about 15 to 30 minutes after shooting about an hour
  • Likes breaking in the newbies both good for businesses and he enjoys the process of introducing someone new to the industry
  • 2 main distribution channels for his videos, though finding good channels to sell is difficult as companies don’t want to process payments for his content
  • Gets about 5-6 inquiries for custom videos out of those 1 might get make, but looks to work with compliant customers
  • Custom videos don’t sell as well to a larger audience since they are specific to the person’s request
  • Doesn’t shoot HD video yet as the camera he loves doesn’t allow for it, but will eventually upgrade
  • In total’s been doing this 7 years
  • His long term vision is to find a protege or someone to mentor to help take over or grow the business
  • Sometimes will get random phone calls for fetish requests (Matlock requests)
  • is another forum for “darker” fetish enthusiasts
  • Has three kids and spends a lot of time with them and his family when he isn’t doing death fetish videos

About Chris B:

Chris B is an actor and producer of Female Death Fetish videos. He’s lives in Portland, OR, and started out in the industry by managing a strip club. After discovering his love for female death fetish and went into business for himself.

Learn More about Chris B

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