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10 Years of Webcam Modeling and Still Crushing It with Diamond Jackson

by benic on August 29th, 2011

Diamond JacksonDiamond Jackson is an ebony porn star and cam model who’s been at it since 2001. Having been in the industry for a decade now, she has managed to captivate and maintain the attention of fans both domestically and abroad. She has even setup her own home studioas well as installed spy cameras all over the house to further open up her world to her fans. In this interview Diamond shares how she started in the industry and the lessons that she had picked up along the way.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Diamond had a studio built in her house because working in a studio made her want to have her own studio at home
  • Remodeled her home studio about a year ago
  • She has 12 cameras in her studio plus she placed spy cameras all over her house including the bathroom and workout room
  • She is the one controlling all her cameras so she knows which camera to use and which one is on
  • Diamond has a separate security system in her house which she could view even when she is away from home
  • Started her membership site in 2005
  • Diamond used to work in the mainstream world
  • She started as a cam model but never owned a webcam to do private shows
  • The studio that she used to work with used camcorders
  • She now uses big professional cameras when shooting movies
  • Diamond started to work in the studio as a cam model in 2001 when she found an ad in the modeling section of the paper
  • Was streaming choppy videos back then because internet speeds were not good; she had to type to communicate because there was no audio included and if people wanted to hear her, they have to call her on the phone
  • Used to be unaware that there was such a thing as cam modeling
  • Doesn’t know much about porn before she worked as a cam model; she used to think that it was an underground, dirty thing
  • Diamond never followed porn at all even when she had started cam modeling; what she didn’t know was what she was doing was actually already porn until someone told her so
  • Went to a modeling school after high school and did different fashion shows around town and modeled in swimsuit magazines as well as television
  • She has joined beauty pageants, won swimsuit competitions and including a national title
  • After modeling school, she decided to get a degree in sports medicine where she trained athletes
  • Had her own television show (Fitness Girls) and was the executive producer
  • Knows how to edit and produce because she went to school for television productions while getting her sports medicine degree
  • Diamond always liked being on television
  • She was also a VJ before
  • Worked for entertainment shows where she met a lot of stars
  • Learned how to do her own show by hosting other people’s shows
  • Said that cam modeling came out of nowhere
  • On her first day of work as a cam model, she was asked if she had an outfit, then they asked her to pick an outfit because she did not have one
  • Things that she found in her “office” was a computer, a camera, a bed and a nice backdrop (which she found really weird)
  • Said that she was not trained at all
  • It all started with chat then everything started to get nasty in the chat room but she just went with the flow because she did not want to look stupid or embarrassed
  • Saw the money meter going up at the side of her computer but was not sure what was going on
  • When the guy who got her in private asked her if she had a toy, she thought that he was crazy and that he was referring to a doll or something
  • She agreed to take her top off eventually since it is a normal thing to do in modeling
  • Eventually, she took off her pants as well and did everything all the way, she was thinking that since she masturbates, why not masturbate and get paid at the same time
  • She was getting around $2.50-$3.50 per minute at that time
  • On her first day, she stayed at the studio for about 8 hours and made more than a grand which she got paid at the end of the week
  • Was paid more compared to the other girls in the studio because she was very entertaining and was happy on cam her first day
  • Did not try other camming companies because she was doing well with that company
  • Was doing cam shows 2-3 times a week but eventually came in more often because of customers’ requests
  • Advises to save up for retirement and not spend everything on little things
  • She moved from Colorado to Florida and stayed with a friend for some time while she was looking for a house; brought everything to Florida, even her car
  • She stopped working for the studio after she had setup her own studio in 2002 or 2003
  • Started working on several sites because her television show was no longer around
  • The studio where she used to work eventually closed
  • She did everything in her site because she had the skills to do it and she knows exactly what to do; she wants to protect her brand
  • Diamond is doing very well in Asia and in the UK
  • Taking up college, being around business people who know how to market themselves and do different things to keep themselves up there helped her in putting up and maintaining her own business
  • Diamond will not over saturate herself though; she will only perform for companies that she prefers, do the things that she likes and make sure that she is taken cared of
  • She could be found in different social networks and has four different Twitter accounts because she does not want her impostors to hack her URL
  • According to her, research is the name of the game when working for webcam companies
  • She is making a great living out of cam modeling so there is no need to shoot movies all the time
  • Since she moved to Florida, cam modeling has become her main source of income
  • Diamond did and is still doing different conventions related to adult and fitness
  • She learned how to continually evolve
  • She enjoys what she is doing and will stick to it because it gives her the chance to meet different people especially since she does not go out a lot
  • Usually spends her time working on her sites or with family and cousins
  • For Diamond, it is important to enjoy what she’s working on, but she doesn’t want to forget to plan for the future
  • She will not do things that are not in line with her plan
  • She started her site around 2005 because her cam modeling career was doing well
  • It is good to have an agent especially when you are starting out because you still don’t know who to trust
  • An agency can help you get into opportunities that you can’t get in by yourself, though right now, she does not need an agent as much
  • Diamond researches companies she might work with before making decisions
  • According to her, it is good to have someone with a good reputation that can get you what you want and direct you to the right way; someone who has your back and would work for you
  • Don’t forget to take some responsibility in selecting an agent
  • Nowadays, it is easier to get in the cam modeling industry because there are more sites
  • Recommends looking for sites that have a lot of girls because more girls means more traffic and traffic is the key to getting private sessions
  • She also recommends looking into how much a site would pay per minute and what it does because each site is different
  • Says it is important to have your own personality
  • If you are not doing as well as you like, try talking to other cam models and look online for cam model sites that could help you
  • These days, a lot of porn stars are becoming cam models because they can’t find work but Diamond feels that it should be the other way around
  • One should think about making money for oneself and not making other people rich all the time; this is mostly the case for contract stars
  • She was asked to be a contract girl but she turned it down
  • Going around different sites would help aspiring girls because if you stick to just one site, some people may not be able to visit that site, may be banned from such sites or they may not like the site that you are in
  • When you are on different sites all the time, your making money almost always
  • Watch the traffic of the site. If it gets slow, you could leave that site and move on to another site; it is also a good way to manage or balance your time
  • Traffic depends on who is online and what is going on
  • Know when to take a break or go to another site
  • Don’t be in so many sites either; it is important that you pay attention to everyone and treat everybody with the same respect

About Diamond Jackson:

DiamondDiamond Jackson is a popular webcam model and porn star. She has been featured in Playboy, InDemand and Spice. This 30 year old Black American Indian is not only great with providing pleasure to her viewers but she is also a businesswoman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

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    She is not 30 years old. She is 45.

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