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The Eminent Pornologist Who Writes Porn Movie Review Haikus with Dr. Chauntelle

by benic on February 10th, 2012

Dr. Chauntelle is an academic with multiple degrees whose expertise lies in the sociology of gender and sexuality, feminist theory, and social justice. She’s also known as the “eminent pornologist.” Why? Much of her work focuses in and around the adult entertainment industry. Outside of school she interviews people, writes witty movie reviews, and presents the industry in an insightful light which she shares on her site

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Grew up in Los Angeles and went to UCLA for undergrad.
  • Studied science because she thought that’s what she was “suppose” to do.
  • Went to Cal State Northridge to start a Master’s program in Sociology.
  • Was very interested in the study of gender, sex, sex work, and feminism.
  • Pursued a PhD program in UT Austin because of their gender scholarship program.
  • Dealt with a lot of challenges in school because people had problems with what she was studying.
  • Been studying the world of porn for about 10 years.
  • Runs a site called PVVonline (Porn Value Vantage) that has been up since 2010.
  • Made a strategic decision to start the site only after she was done with school.
  • Started PVV so she could make an accessible platform for her work.
  • Site consists of reviews, comments about the industry, interviews, and noteworthy films.
  • Has 4 people who are associate reviewers on her site to get a different perspective on things.
  • Received a nomination for website portal hub of the year for XBIZ.
  • Her PVV Facebook account was shut down because Facebook felt it violated the terms of use.
  • Thinks that society has discomfort with sex and that’s why people are so uneasy with porn.
  • Argues that porn is not becoming more extreme because the stuff that you see has always been there.
  • There is just more content available and more racial and ethnic diversity than before.
  • Porn validates that your wants and fantasies are not weird – other people want to do the same thing too.
  • Currently working on a book manuscript about the different things she found out academically.
  • Wants to continue on with speaking opportunities and research.
  • Does not see herself ever getting out of this line of work.

About Dr. Chauntelle:

Dr Chauntelle was born and raised in Los Angeles. It was while getting her PhD in Sociology from the University of Texas that she furthered her exploration of the adult industry. Rather than present the industry in a purely positive or critical light she wants to approach it from both an academic and real-world perspective much of it which she shares on her site

Learn More about Dr. Chauntelle:

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