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From Gay Priest to Certified Sexologist with Dr. Dick

by benic on July 11th, 2011

Dr. DickToday, we talked with sexologist, ordained priest, film producer, sex advice guru and podcaster Dr. Richard Wagner or as he is more commonly known, Dr. Dick. He has a doctorate degree from the Institute for Advance Study of Human Sexuality and is an ordained priest. We learn about his unique background as a gay priest and his experiences as a sex therapist.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • How he wanted to do an upfront gay ministry in 1975 and the religious community said they would sponsor his ministry but they required him to get another degree
  • How he found the Institute for Advance Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco and worked on his doctorate and completed his publication of his study on sexual attitudes of gay and active priests which ended his relationship with the church
  • Shares how the church was completely unprepared to what happened next
  • Always wanted to be a priest ever since he was in 2nd grade which became a difficult goal for him because he was a “special needs child” but he persevered
  • Instead of going to missions to save souls, he realized there are more pressing needs in the USA and that was when he also began the awakening of his own sexual interest; how he knew he was gay since he was a kid
  • How he saw the church treat the gay community (tragic experience of gay people in the hands of the church) which then prompted him to go down his path
  • We discuss how he dealt with his faith
  • How his study of the doctrines and readings made him realize the church was wrong with their reaction to gay sexual orientation and that there were many gay folks in the congregation
  • How in 1978 he was approached to start a gay ministry which made the church uneasy but he found that it was the right place for him as a priest
  • His complete eye-opening experience of every facet of sexuality when he entered the Institute of Advance Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco
  • We talk about his being a priest and a therapist when he was asked to make sense of things; How he began to deal with death and dying, that it was one of the greatest things he had done (an outreach resource for chronically ill, elderly and dying people)
  • He wrote a book The Amateur’s Guide to Death and Dying but this wasn’t published
  • He moved to Seattle and decided to do positive adult films for women newly diagnosed with ovarian or breast cancer or men with prostate cancer; real people with real issues talking to people and how they put sex back into their lives after surgeries because of cancer
  • The challenge of funding, when nobody would fund his advocacy. But he overcame this by starting Daddy-Oh production with his friends to try and get money but unfortunately, they did not get much because of competition in the porn industry
  • He thinks that when it comes to sexuality people are still on the verge of learning and have a lot more to know
  • How he started writing the DR. DICK column in San Francisco and how this became the springboard for him to start his own site; 6 years ago he started his adult business enterprise online with his podcast and sex advice site
  • He shares his grand vision which is to go on vacation but he is doing a lot of interviews. His 4 different interview series are: Erotic Mind Series; Sex Edge-ucation; Sex Wisdom and Play With it
  • He shares that his new book will get negative attention and will have another battle with the church because of the nature of the book
  • His site GayCatholicPriests is where he talks about his recently published book which showcases his 30 year old doctorate thesis that was never published

About Dr. Dick:

Dr. DickDr. Dick is a clinical sexologist who practices privately in Seattle. He has been a practitioner of Sex Therapy and Relationship Counseling for 30 years. He aims to help clients deal with sexual problems as well as conflicts relating to their own life values, goals and expectations.

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  1. Holy Cow, Benic, thank you so much for inviting me on your show. it was such a pleasure chatting with you.

    I know you hoped that we could have talked about my latest book that was just published. SECRECY, SOPHISTRY AND GAY SEX IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH; The Systematic Destruction Of An Oblate Priest. i hope you don’t mind me plugging it here. more information can be found here —

    thanks again!

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