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ELM Avenue: Where Sex and Business Meet

by benic on April 15th, 2011

Right now we are in the middle of beta testing (our custom adult digital goods marketplace). We are working out the kinks and making sure everything is great when we open up our doors for the world to see. In the mean time we are starting a new segment on our blog here called ELM (Extra Lunch Money) Avenue.

The ELM Avenue show was created to educate and engage with people interested in the adult industry. To be honest even though Extra Lunch Money is an “adult” site, myself and my team don’t have that much experience with the industry. The show is partly a way for us to learn more about the industry which will make our site better and also a way for us to contribute back to community as well.

The format of the show is straightforward. Each episode I’ll be hosting and interviewing people who work in the adult industry. This includes those who manage or create adult websites, products, videos or shows. It also includes adult workers such as strippers, escorts, cam girls, dancers and models. There are 3 goals we want to accomplish with this show:

  • Educate current adult workers: Everybody in the adult industry has their own reasons for getting into the industry. We want to learn and share what has and hasn’t worked for them in terms of business and personal development.  We hope the information will help current adult workers in shaping their business and prevent them from making mistakes that other experienced workers have made.
  • Educate people considering the adult industry: For those thinking about entering this industry, we hope to provide information on the pros and cons of the industry as well as what to expect. This information can help rookies break into the industry and how to position themselves for success.
  • Educate people who don’t know about the adult industry: For the rest of us “vanilla” workers, the adult industry on and offline may be a foreign concept. We all know it exists but don’t know the ins and outs of it. We want to highlight how hard work, hustle, and perseverance pays off in the adult industry as much as any other.

Interview Posting Schedule

We’re going to try to keep a consistent posting schedule. We publish 3 new interviews a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We might slip up, but we’re gonna be as consistent as possible.

For questions or feedback on how we can improve the show, feel free to drop us a a line anytime at [email protected]. Enjoy the show and we hope to hear from you soon.

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