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Dominatrix Extraordinaire: An Interview With the Goddess GcupBitch

by benic on May 6th, 2011

Today we spoke with GcupBitch. She shares with us all the adult activities she’s currently involved in and how she dominates  ”losers”. She helps educated us on the financial domination fetish and what type of clients she attracts. We also learn about her Male Chastity Program, Small Penis Humiliation, “House Bitch” and much more. “Let the haters hate, you don’t become successful without attracting jealousy”.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • What is Financial Domination, “Fem Dom” and what her clients call her
  • Her name isn’t given out freely and her clients “have to earn the right to get my name”
  • How she would describe her online work and what she provides her clients and fans
  • How she got started in this line of work
  • How she has 10 years of experience in online adult work
  • Talks about iFriends, oldest cam site she was involved with
  • How she discovered and was inspired by the financial domination feitsh after discovering Princess Sierra
  • She was always assertive in her relationships and attracts all types of males from submissive to alpha males
  • Her experiences abroad as a stripper at String Fellows
  • She was also involved in domination while stripping while in private shows
  • How to be a successful domme: the things you need are a “dominant personality”, control of yourself,  and confidence in yourself. You need to know what you want and be able to stand your ground before you can do this kind of work.
  • We talk about Niteflirt, what it is, what  it offers, and how she started using it
  • How she built up her initial customer base
  • The definition of a “switch” in BDSM
  • Her web development and online design experiences
  • Her experience as a Mardi Gras hot sauce girl as “Queen Yummy Delish”
  • How her “Male Chastity Program” works online and offline
  • Discuss the “Small Penis Humiliation” program she offers
  • How to become a humiliatrix, “You have to have it in you”
  • How she considers herself s a “Female Supremacist”
  • A good skill to have in what she does is how she can read people which she developed as a stripper
  • What men like and what men don’t like and learning what makes them want to submit
  • We talk about her collaboration with “Leah Star” and how networking and collaboration helps
  • Her new “House Bitch” cleans, do errands, and whatever else she wants
  • She talks about her physical training and personal trainer
  • There is a lack of fetish/domination focused system online
  • She has her phone-only “confessional” line, and “ignore” phone line
  • How you can make 30 dollars a minute?
  • What are some main factors that contributed to her success?
  • What she would have done a bit differently in her earlier career to build an audience faster

About GcupBitch:

GcupBitch is a dominatrix with a very loyal and large following. She has been a Dominatrix for over a decade and has built up quite a successful empire in her industry. This fem supremacist’s area of expertise is her dominatrix skills that she spices up with her own unique style.

Learn More about GcupBitch

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  1. One thing I thought about after the interview was that you mentioned “bullies” or “picking on” people – BDSM, domination, femdom, humiliation have nothing to do with being a bully or picking on anyone. The people involved enjoy what they’re doing and WANT to be involved. It is their choice. This is the very opposite of bullying or being bullied.

    Furthermore, bullies are weak, insecure people who pick on others (who don’t want to be picked on) in an attempt to make themselves feel more in control or more powerful. Dommes / Humiliatrices are simply assertive Women who know how to take control of a situation and the subs are people who enjoy being “put in their place”.

    Humiliation is only one of MANY fetishes related to BDSM or “kink” but it is extremely popular. It is difficult to define but I relate it in this way: For one person to submit to another requires a certain level of humility, and for one to dominate requires a certain level of control. Humiliation as a fetish is just an extension of that control vs humility power exchange.

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