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Being a Professional Naked Person with Isobel Wren

by benic on December 30th, 2011

Isobel Wren is a cam model, adult model, and all around “professional naked person.” She decided to start modeling when a customer hit on her while she was working at 7-11. Initially she planned only to model until she graduated college, but because of the bad economy when she graduated she has continued ever since and expanded her empire.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Web designer and “professional naked person”.
  • Had her voyeur cam on for her members when doing this interview.
  • Was raised in a religious upbringing and attended a Christian school.
  • Found out that all the things that the Christian school taught her was bad is actually really fun.
  • Has been in the adult industry for seven years and still having fun.
  • In addition to adult work, she is involved in the virtual world Second Life.
  • Her avatar in Second Life is also a sex worker.
  • Most of her money in Second Life comes from offering erotic texts, erotic voice, and erotic cams.
  • Her main source of income is now camming.
  • Started off in modeling when someone hit on her while she was working at 7/11 during college.
  • Decided to go with it and had a friend take photos of her and put it up online.
  • The first few people who contacted her wanted her to be nude.
  • Originally thought of nude modeling as a way to support herself through college.
  • After she graduated, she could not find a job in her field of Environmental Science.
  • Had a minor in Spanish and concentration in Solid and Hazardous Waste.
  • Decided to stay in nude modeling and continue to grow her career there until she found another job.
  • Over time she just stopped applying to other jobs and focused on the adult industry.
  • Experimented with camming and made $200 in an hour on her first night.
  • Because of all these experiences, she has decided to apply to grad school.
  • Wants to get a Masters degree in social work and human sexuality.
  • Unsure of what exactly she wants to do now, but wants to do outreach, be a therapist, and help people similar to her.

About Isobel Wren:

I’m a human being, a web designer, an environmentalist, a college co-ed and a professional naked person.  Or perhaps a bit beyond simply a professional naked person, as I do fetish and porn things whilst being naked (or in varying states of undress).

Learn More about Isobel Wren:

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  1. Demanda permalink

    Well done!! Informative and classy. Thanks for putting it out there. Ms Wren you are a doll!!

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