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Transitioning from Fan Fiction to Porn Script Writing with Jacky St. James

by benic on October 3rd, 2011

JackyJacky St. James is not an adult actress (nor does she ever intend to be), but instead is an adult film scrip writer whose work includes the film, Dear Abby. Jacky has been working in the marketing and advertising world for fourteen years, but felt her creative side somewhat restricted. That’s when she answered a call for adult screenplays.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Porn has to have a script when it is geared towards women and couples
  • The movie Dear Abby is part of New Sensations Romance Series that is made for women and couples; it has a storyline that is beautifully shot and has character development
  • The movie Dear Abby is a full length film which runs for about 1 hour and 59 minutes
  • Dear Abby is about the relationship of two exes who are still living together in a house that they bought when they were still dating; the guy works as an advice columnist who always gives good advice to everyone but is a failure to himself and he does not want to accept that he is still in love with his ex
  • Discovered that porn script writers existed through a link that was sent by a friend
  • Writing has always been a hobby plus she’s a theater major with a technical and creative background
  • The demographic target of  the Romance Series are mostly couples who want to spice up their sex life
  • She found sexuality amazing when she stumbled across a Hustler Magazine when she was still young
  • She was more interested in the erotic stories written in the magazine than the pornographic pictures
  • She writes fan fiction for women
  • Became a porn script writer after she participated and won a script writing contest for a porn movie
  • Bought a number of movies that were produced by the New Sensations and talked to the director to know what to write
  • She finished writing Dear Abby in 72 hours with 35 pages, 8 characters and 4 sex scenes
  • She cried when her story was chosen and happy that she was hired by the company
  • She has an acting background however she would only consider acting if she’s going to portray a non-sex character
  • Pay is not the same as mainstream script writers
  • The budget for a movie script would run from a couple of hundred dollars to a little over a thousand dollars
  • She works as a contracted writer
  • She worked as a script supervisor for the film Dear Abby, but she was not involved in the casting
  • Dear Abby was shot in 4 days and was edited in about a week; though the budget was low, the shots were nice
  • When she watched the film, she said that it was better than what she had imagined
  • Though there was no huge launch, she said that the company did a fantastic job
  • She is not doing porn script writing full time
  • She said that she is not built to be the typical corporate American girl because she does not like to follow rules
  • She said that the problem lies with people who are judging porn but has not even watched a single porn movie yet
  • Compared to the 80’s and the 90’s, mainstream is now slowly embracing porn
  • According to her, huge porn consumption in some countries is the result of being repressed; the key is to talk about it
  • Porn helped her get out of her sex dry spell (5 years without sex)
  • More inclined with her masculine side when it comes to porn choice but most of the time it depends on her mood
  • She is fascinated with amateur porn, usually likes to watch porn with oral sex or woman giving to man
  • She masturbates while watching porn
  • She hopes to do an “everyman.” meaning writing, directing and producing someday; have her hands on all the aspects of her film
  • She plans to direct one on the sex scenes in an upcoming film
  • She practiced directing through talking to the director about her ideas
  • She differentiates non-romantic and romantic porn to: non-romantic porn has less connection or no connection at all, purely sex but romantic porn has eye contact, more connection and has romance
  • In her personal opinion, people do not emulate porn because she does not emulate the movies she watch
  • For her, porn has an impact on women and sex is different with each person
  • She finds international porn funny

About Jacky St. James:

JackyJacky holds a degree in BA in Theatre with concentration on film. Before she became a porn scriptwriter, she was a fan fiction writer.

Learn More about Jacky St. James


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