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Aspiring to Be the Best Asian Porn Performer with Jayden Lee

by benic on January 6th, 2012

Jayden Lee is a 19 year old new adult performer already several weeks into her career. Prior to entering the porn industry she exotic danced and modeled. After  being approached by someone online about doing porn she decided to give it a shot. Even though she’s new she’s shot with studios like Reality Kings, Immoral Productions, to name a few.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Was in college for a year and wanted to study cosmetology, paramedic, or criminal justice.
  • Plans on going back to school later.
  • Just started in the adult industry a few weeks ago.
  • Originally wanted to do solos, but jumped into boy/girl shoots.
  • Has done 7 scenes through an agent.
  • Was approached on Model Mayhem to see if she was interested doing porn.
  • Initially had hesitation but got over it.
  • Hopes that her parents will not find out about her career anytime soon.
  • Loves this job more so than any other job.
  • Has an exotic dance and modeling background.
  • Liked the flexibility of making her own schedule when she was a dancer.
  • Danced for five months.
  • Her own personal sex life is very vanilla compared to what she does in her movies.
  • Her first scene was in Miami with Reality Kings.
  • It was the first time she did anything on tape.
  • Plans this to be a long term career because she likes what she’s doing.
  • Her first time ever doing anal sex was in Miami on a scene.
  • Aspires to be the best Asian porn star and wants to be the Asian Anal Tornado.
  • Thinks it’s an advantage to be Asian because there are not of Asians in the industry.
  • Advises new comers into the industry to get into social networking.

About Jayden Lee:

Jayden Lee is a 19 year Asian porn performer who just started in the industry. Even though she’s new she aspires to be the best Asian porn star out there. She wants to be known as the Asian Anal Tornado.

Learn More about Jayden Lee:

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