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Helping Porn Stars via Trading Cards with JP Berkman (Adult Trading Card Company)

by benic on July 6th, 2011

jp-berkmanToday, we spoke with the CEO, President and Owner of Adult Trading Card Company (ATCC), JP Berkman. ATCC is the maker of retail and limited edition trading cards for people in the adult business. In only 1 years time he’s built up the company to feature numerous popular adult stars and put together a soon-to-be-launched retail pack to be sold in stores. Amazingly, JP had no previous experience or connections in the adult industry. You’ll learn how this savvy business owner did it.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • How his company started when performing girls complained about how they have to carry around bulky 8×10 photos with them causing them to pay extra cash for luggage fees and how fans want to buy their pictures but after buying didn’t know what to do with them. So, he decided to make trading cards – which are collectible and easier to carry
  • Over the year, the company has sold over 100 sets; 3 to 5 sets of cards for some clients who want different photos
  • He shows us a couple of his cards and a sneak peek from soon-to-be-released retail packs
  • Learn about his selling strategy and how he wants to make sure that they can sell to 7-11 stores and magazines stores without too many hassles on age restriction
  • How he started doing poster graphic designs for the adult business and got the idea of the trading cards for the adult business while looking at an Adult Convention billboard
  • His thoughts pm went wrong with other companies who tired to do adult trading cards
  • How he got feedback on his idea from performers by visiting and adult convention; he decided to address the main problem he saw which was performers wanted to have pictures to sell and handout but not big ones like posters (which are harder to transport)
  • How he researched what kind of info people and performers want on the card; what they want to see on the cards
  • Who he approached first to do sample cards of – he picked 5 models for the first set and sent them card for free to find to get feedback
  • Success of the samples pushed him to get a business license and hired people to get the ball rolling
  • Girls/models not only supply the photos and submit their own questionnaires but they also provide photo shoots to gain exclusivity and privacy for the girls/performers
  • How he specifically reached out to Aurora Snow then to Liz Taylor and started with their sets of trading cards
  • How he is different from competitors because he doesn’t limit trading cards to those only in the porn industry but allows any person who just wants their own trading cards
  • Positive feedback his cards got when it was released: people like the size, the facts at the back of the card including twitter/website information
  • His business philosophy and stresses his unique business model; selling both wholesale and retail market to get wider distribution
  • How much the retail set and limited sets costs
  • Explains how he came up with the prices  for trading cards by asking opinions from clients and also making sure it’s cheaper than an 8×10 photo
  • How he wants to help people make money, capitalize and market a great product
  • How important reputation is in the adult industry; happy to say in the past year he can say he’s done no one wrong and how he wants people to know he’s in this business to help people
  • His most expensive trading card set is a 1000 card set for $400 and that Limited editions do not get printed again, ever…
  • He does all the designs himself which helps cut costs while ensuring quality is up to his standards

About JP Berkman:

jp-berkmanJP Berkman is the genius behind the Adult Trading Card Company (ATCC) which he fondly describes as “Maxim and Playboy mixed together in a TRADING card”. He values the efficiency and convenience his trading cards give to fans and performers alike.

Learn More about JP Berkman

  • Adult Trading Card Company’s Website
  • Follow JP Berkman and ATCC on Twitter @ATCCompany

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