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Getting Into Porn? Watch Out For Yourself with Julie Cash

by benic on December 16th, 2011

Julie Cash is a porn actress who started in the industry at the age of 18 then took a 2.5 year break. She’s been back for 6 months and since then has shot over 100 scenes. She talks about how she started, the movies she was cast in (including playing a 42 year mom when she actually 19) and what’s she’s learned along the way.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Started in the adult industry when she was 18.
  • Has only been with one guy when she got into porn.
  • Before that, she never even watched a porn video.
  • Met someone who owned a porn company that asked her if she wanted to be in a video.
  • Did a scene where they portrayed her as a 42 year old mom with three kids.
  • Was on a softball scholarship in college and has a degree in both accounting and marketing.
  • When the college found out about her videos, she lost her scholarship.
  • Had an agent that lasted for a week.
  • Left the industry after four months because she wanted to be with her boyfriend.
  • Took a two and a half year break from the industry and returned only six months ago.
  • Recently did her first anal scene with Elegant.
  • Has done about 100 scenes already since she’s been back.
  • Advice that she would give to others is watch out for yourself because no one else will.
  • Aspires to be a household name in the industry, like Jenna Jameson style.
  • Wants to eventually open her own production company.
  • Her website will launch early next year in 2012.

About Julie Cash:

Julie Cash is a porn actress who started out in the industry at the age of 18. Later she decided to take a 2 and a half year break. This past year she recently returned and aims to be household name and aspires to own her own production company.

Learn More about Julie Cash:

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