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From Transgender Outreach to Transgender Porn with Kelly Pierce

by michelle on September 12th, 2011

Kelly ShoreKelly Shore or  known now as Kelly Pierce (she recently got married) is a transgender adult actress and model. Kelly, nicknamed the “sweetheart of porn,” started acting in erotic films in 2008. She retired from the industry in 2010 but is planning a comeback alongside her husband, Mason, in December. In our talk she shares her journey as a transgender individual, how she got into the industry, and what issues she’s faced in the industry.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • To start off, we discussed what we should call her and she says she wants to be called a transsexual or transwoman in her personal life
  • Says that tranny is not derogatory
  • Shares how she was afraid when she was 5 years old because she was different from her girl cousin. Her mom cleared the stuff up about being a boy and being a girl. Her mom told her that she was going to make her make the decision on her own whether to continue being a boy or not
  • Relays that she would not budge even when her father wanted her to be a guy and play with guy toys
  • Started dressing up in girl clothes when she was 8 or 9 and had more girl friends than to boy friends. She made her mom put her in dance classes like ballet and gymnastics
  • She and her family moved to El Paso where she and her sister met a friend named Jackie; they made her dress up like a girl and she felt at peace with herself for the first time in her life
  • How she called her mother and talked about her sexuality and she said that she wanted to be a girl. Her mom was quite cool about it because she knew it the whole time; her dad took it harder but came around later
  • Her mom named her Lauren Keller Alexandra Marie but she decided to go with Kelly
  • She and her parents had a good relationship
  • Talks about her high school life; she was offended when she was put to a special education course in high school because the teachers were worried about her safety
  • Her mom got a lawyer and pointed out to the school that she was not being a nuisance and that there were no dress codes. The administration was scared of being sued so the next school year, she was put in the mainstream classes
  • After that incident, a lot of news shows and even Oprah wanted to get her on their show but she turned them down
  • Did not take hormones until she was 18 and she took shots when she was 24; she did this after she talked about it with her hormone doctor
  • Got her breast implants when she was 26; she was a B cup before the implants
  • She got it all right before she started her porn career at the age of 27
  • Nobody really knew right off the bat that she was a boy even during college where she graduated in Psychology
  • One guy tried to claim that she raped him but he ended up in jail; a few years after, she found out that that football player was actually gay
  • She wasn’t really thinking about porn; she wanted to be more like her mom and help people who were transgender especially those who are not accepted by anyone and their families
  • Had a change of heart and instead moved to Florida where she met two transgender women who underwent operation for changing private parts. It was the first time she was in the presence of a lot of transgender people
  • Felt jealous when she saw them because they were glamorous and beautiful while she looked like a librarian. That’s when she decided to do porn
  • Didn’t expect to be popular in porn
  • Contacted TF production and first because they got the best productions for transgender; her first scene was with a gay guy
  • Shares that transgender porn is making more money than porn that features straight people but gay porn gets more money than normal and transgender porn
  • Got $1500 for her first scene
  • Owes her fame and money from her fans because they had put her where she is
  • Started She-Male club with her friends which later grew into 16 girls; a personal difference made her leave the company and ended the partnership
  • She started her website after 3 months
  • Most people who enjoy transgender scenes are straight men
  • Retired in 2010 because she got married to her lawyer husband
  • His outlook changed when he met her friends in porn; he realized that the people who do porn or are working in the adult business were really just normal people
  • Shares that her husband offered to pay for her surgeries; she did not want him to do it though because she did not want to be indebted to him if ever they break up. She was going to pay for it through camming instead
  • Began camming and soon her husband was doing things with her on cam; they started to do scenes and threesomes for the videos
  • There are a lot of applicants who want to do the scenes with her for her websites but she’s being picky because she only wants top quality materials for her site
  • Decided to start her website with a bunch of amateur scenes while webcamming everyday on the site until she does the real content in January
  • Going to shoot with a bunch of girls in London
  • Her site offers threesomes, amateur stuff, and home videos; her blog on the other hand will be like a reality show
  • Her official members’ site though will be up by December
  • Wants to give her members everything she can give and she’s opening up her life to her fans
  • She is happy because she is doing her website with her husband; they’re doing a couple’s website
  • The issues she has faced for being a transgender are: she doesn’t like it when people give transgender a bad name or a bad reputation; dislikes it when other transgender are being bad models or a bad representation of the transgender community; bothered that people confuse them as GAY and mixes them up when in truth they are not at all alike – transgender are more particular about testing and being safe when doing scenes compared to gay people
  • Doesn’t understand why there’s such close-mindedness towards transgender, that there is so much hate
  • Most people in the porn industry are shocked to find out that transgender porn are getting a lot more money and are in fact getting quite popular
  • Since most of the porn on mainstream have covered almost everything, there are a lot of new things to look forward to with transsexuals; there is more to learn in transgender porn

About Kelly Shore:

KellyKelly Shore is married model, porn star, step-mom, wife and a Porn/GLBT activist. She has worked as a model and a make-up artist for porn stars before she started acting in 2008. She and her husband, Mason, are openly bi-sexual. Her site is a non-adult site which has forums, threesome applications as well as model applications

Learn More about Kelly Shore


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