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Understanding and Succeeding with Adult Social Media with Lauren MacEwen

by benic on September 23rd, 2011

Lauren MacEwenLauren MacEwen is the chief strategist and CEO of 7 Veils Media, a popular adult social media consulting firm. Lauren has worked for many high profile public figures and has helped them establish their online presence and brand. Lauren talks about how she started consulting for the adult industry and also shares some valuable tips and advice on social media marketing and how to get the right person to run it for you.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Adult social media consulting caters to stars, talent or websites; it involves everyone in adult entertainment
  • Having the knowledge on how adult entertainment intersects with the mainstream social media as well as knowing how to make it work is important in adult social media
  • She tweets a lot for different people
  • She does a lot of Facebook marketing for people
  • Has done custom landing pages, email campaigns and comprehensive cross platform marketing strategies
  • Done marketing tweets to know when, what and why people are clicking and what kind of traffic is sent to the sites
  • Figures out how to optimize their voice to get the most out of it; this includes coaching, writing marketing tweets and sometimes a full management of their Twitter accounts
  • People who come to her are oftentimes either newbies who haven’t started with social media yet or they have just started or put only a little effort on their social media campaigns
  • Sometimes people who seek her assistance want to get more traffic from it or want to improve the conversion rates and/or the return of investment
  • Worked with a dating site whose objective was to convince people that they were not spammers
  • Found that most hashtags (#) for dating is crap
  • Creating your own individual voice becomes a trick
  • Increased the number of followers of one of her client from 4 followers to 700 followers in just two months and got them a good listing ratio
  • Defines a good listing ratio as the number of times that an account has been listed as compared to the number of people following that account
  • Said that when an account is listed, an extra special attention is given to that account
  • According to Lauren, when building your Twitter account, you need to create a list of the people who recently followed you to help you see tweets that might be of interest to you. You can then decide to put him/her on another list
  • Getting listed and having a quality list is very important
  • Listing ratio of .02 is good but .04 is really great; celebrities’ ratio on the other hand can be anywhere from .02 to .03
  • List doesn’t work like SEO
  • List has an element of popularity so use that to your advantage
  • It is not necessary to follow an account to have it on your list
  • Other people can follow an entire list
  • Sending exclusive tweets to a certain group is not possible
  • A private tweet is a DM, a public tweet goes out to everybody
  • She recommends following influencers, meaning people who are big on a certain topic; someone who is popular, has a lot of followers and has weight or impact on their followers, because people pay attention to them, they have high interaction rates, people talk to them and vice versa, there’s a lot of activity in their account and people retweet them a lot
  • Follow people who follow influencers; start connecting with them, use the keywords and hashtags that they use and are likewise important in your industry
  • Hashtags are like the SEO of twitter, it is like a keyword that optimizes your tweet; it is an easy way to search and navigate Twitter and it can be used to explain or identify what people are saying
  • She has been on the internet since she was a teenager
  • She taught herself to make websites and HTML through AOL and message boards
  • Right after college, she worked at the Disney Publishing in production and did technical things to get the magazines published
  • She got her Masters in Business Administration while working with Disney Publishing
  • After her masters, she moved from the East Coast to New Mexico
  • She has been doing freelance graphic design, web design and other free lancing jobs for several years as a sideline
  • After sometime, she worked with politicians as a consultant who makes and maintains their social media
  • Stopped freelancing and started a non-adult firm that grows networks, creates landing pages and builds relationships; it caters to politicians and local businesses; this was where her social media marketing endeavor kicked off
  • She now does Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn marketing
  • A burlesque dancer that she met at a bachelorette party asked her to do her social media for her; this led her to contact an old tech friend and start 7Veils
  • Adult is something she has been really interested in but she never thought she had a place in it because she never saw the business side
  • Got excited about the adult industry when she figured out that there was a huge business community that is very bright, active and progressive
  • She now has a very deep passion for the adult business
  • Social media as a whole is a new industry and a lot of people are coming to it especially those who are niche specific or has a specialization
  • Says that finding a quality consultant is tricky
  • Found the need for consulting in the social media industry; she figured there was enough room to dive in and be successful because not only are there a few who are doing it well but what they are doing is also different from how she does things
  • Says that others develop larger solutions such as develop applications or integrations and deals with large companies and streamlining social media
  • Engagement marketing is about interactions and building relationships and loyalty from followers
  • Says that a lot of social media consulting don’t do engagement marketing because of the time commitment it needs
  • Engagement marketing is what she likes most about social media; she loves talking to people and training people
  • Says that people actually talk about porn on Twitter
  • Engagement marketing exposes the fact that people are actually willing to talk about porn
  • Blogging is a great tool, a great way to get better rankings in Google; it is dynamic and constantly changing
  • When posting a blog, write a minimum of 300 words to maximize its advantage in ranking
  • Adults need to keep their post PG in Facebook
  • She does not recommend posting a porn site link in Facebook; instead recommends posting a link to a blog in Facebook that contains a porn site link
  • If one is managing a single or a couple of accounts, she recommends using because it uses a cloud marketing platform
  • TweetDeck is a personal favorite Twitter tool
  • You can use a Twitter tool to schedule tweets to be tweeted at a later time
  • Recommends pairing with TweetDeck for those who are still starting a business
  • Marketing Suite could brand tweets and allow accounts to be white labeled but it is not recommended for multiple accounts
  • She almost never uses except for checking the number of mentions and the overall picture of an account
  • There is a big chance that she would develop her own Twitter platform with a comprehensive system based on all the tools that she uses to manage a Twitter account
  • Her ideal customer is someone who is ready to ramp things up and start pushing traffic to their site, grow their network and build a brand
  • For those are still starting out, she recommends to get somebody who could lay out a strategy for them
  • Talk to a good consultant who knows the free tips and tricks to get exposure and the different ways to get traffic and build a brand
  • Invest efforts on what can make you successful and earn you money; know how to allot time, time is money

About Lauren MacEwen:

LaurenLauren MacEwen has a non adult consulting business as well. She graduated from Smith College and had her master’s degree at the Arizona State University. She used to work for Disney Publishing before she decided to have her own consulting business.

Learn More about Lauren MacEwen


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