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How a Wad of Cash Changed His Perspective with Mark Spannow

by benic on October 28th, 2011

Mark Spannow is an experienced adult industry veteran who runs and maintains a network of adult websites. In addition he does consulting for other clients as he’s managed every aspect of producing an adult site from design, development all the way to shooting content and production. He sits down and shares how his journey started when he decided to study graphic design.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Works on concept to deployment on every stage of the process on Solo Babe Cash.
  • Has about 7 active sites and at least that many in development.
  • His first love was art and Mark strived to be a fine artist.
  • He joined the military to get money for college.
  • He then went to get a job as a graphic artist after he completed his service.
  • Couldn’t get a job at first because he didn’t know Photoshop. Went to college to update his skillet.
  • Didn’t think drawing in Photoshop was “art” at first, until he learned the program and saw how it could help him make money.
  • Became a mainstream graphic designer for several years.
  • Started in the adult industry only 3 years after the internet was created.
  • Initially had no intention of learning about the adult industry until one of his mainstream customers laid out a wad of cash and asked, “How about now?”.
  • Wanted to separate his mainstream career from his adult one. Did not want to taint his name.
  • Didn’t realize porn was such a huge industry. Thought he was the only guy working in it until he attended AVN and saw how many people were there.
  • After he found his first adult client, he quit mainstream work and focused on the adult industry 100%.
  • Started shooting his own photos of clients when he realized the photos they were providing did not match the design of his website.
  • Knew what he wanted to capture on photo and what looks good.
  • Had always wanted to become a Webmaster. Realized that he achieved that goal as he was the one doing everything on a client’s website.
  • Describes working in the adult industry (To a non-adult industry person) as a big bachelor party everyday.
  • Change is a constant in this industry. Always been a controversy about what is too far, what isn’t.
  • Thinks people are a lot more tolerant to adult material now than before.
  • Believes porn will eventually become completely mainstream and not stigmatized.
  • Customers want more than simply content; they want a psuedo-relationship with the talent. Mark works to create a website that can foster that experience.
  • Will not pursue work with a client if the client didn’t want to do any work. “The day of the diva is done”.
  • Tries to think about what the customer would want next year. Working to always stay ahead of the curve.
  • Always looking for models that need a website, affiliate partners, or anyone looking to discuss something new and exciting. Will partner with them on what they want.

About Mark Spannow:

Mark Spannow is an adult industry veteran who has handled all aspects of taking an adult website idea and turning into a revenue generating property. He started out in the mainstream world setting up sites for the government. However when a client approached him and showed him that there was money to be made in adult he decided to focus on it.

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