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Creating BoneTown the Game Where You Get Laid with Max Baptist VIII

by benic on August 19th, 2011

Max Baptist VIII is one of the partners of the adult themed software company D-Dub Software which is based out of Albuquerque, Mexico. The D-Dub Software is the maker of BoneTown, a game where players collect items, fight, and also have sex. Even though their games are wild, Max and his partners have vowed never to depict rape, underage sex and/or blood. Max shares with us how they came up with the idea for the game and the challenges that they have encountered along the way.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Max is one of the partners of the adult themed company D-Dub Software, the company that released “the video game where you get laid,” BoneTown
  • BoneTown is a free roaming world game (RPG), like Grand Theft Auto (GTA); but instead of stealing cool cars, you have to make your balls bigger by dating girls, getting laid and finishing missions while you can regain life by getting blowjobs
  • In the game, you can take over a person’s identity if you kill him giving you access to another set of attributes (different identities have different attributes/powers)
  • The game used to be a MMO chat where you walk up to a girl and just basically chat (virtual reality)
  • They thought their first concept was boring so they added fighting and drugs
  • It had a lot of flaws since it was their first game, but when it was released in October 2008, it was still a good game even though they had limited budget and manpower
  • Created other versions of the game like the Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010 which sold 65,000 copies
  • Selling at $34.99, BoneTown has approximately 100,000 players and 180,000 members
  • He and his partners came up with the idea of mixing porn and video games when they were in High School since no one has really done that
  • They pursued this in College – Max took Audio Engineering, his other partners took up Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Business
  • They founded the company in one of his partners’ garage
  • Currently creating a new game called BoneCraft, a parody between Warcraft and StarCraft
  • They got their funding for BoneTown from an “angel investor” by doing a demo
  • Hired 6-7 people to help them with the job and finished the game after three years
  • Investors are hesitant to invest money on adult video games because they need a solid proof that it is going to be profitable. The problem is they have nothing to compare it too, no ready market for it
  • Range of the cost for creating the game: half a million to $2 million most of which was spent on the engine used to produce the game
  • Support and tools for individual developers were limited back then; there weren’t a lot of options to choose from when they started out
  • Today, developers are in a much better position to do it for cheaper
  • Says that now you can create smaller budget games but have a larger return of investment if done right such as Angry Birds
  • The tools for independent developers are getting better; you can get a licensed engine for just $199 a year where before it was a $1.5M license
  • One of the biggest issues before is the actual people doing the work such as the programmers and designers since most of them work for big companies and all these companies are not making porn games
  • Now, with the ability to create iPhone apps, it would be just as easy for developers to create an adult video game if the marketplace opens up for them
  • There are a lot of barriers in this industry such as full access to the tools that are being used out there but as development progresses, the tools are becoming open source so it’s going to be available to anyone regardless of the industry he/she belongs to
  • BoneCraft and BoneTown gained recognition because they went to the Phoenix Forum, an adult affiliate convention, 6 months before they launched the game; they got a good reception and were not looked down upon
  • The press has done them the best out of everything e.g. GameSpy wrote about them
  • It took them awhile to do everything to get the press to respond but when it did, it did it extremely well
  • GameSpy was willing to talk about them because their game is not like other games
  • Gamers are seeing them next to Call of Duty which was great but they are comparing them quality-wise too; a lot of people forget that they are an independent company
  • Talks about parents’ responsibilities in filtering what their kids are viewing on the internet and how they should not pass the responsibility to screening boards
  • How they let consumers know that they are there by continuously developing games
  • Released the Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010 edition 3 weeks after the news about Tiger Woods’ affair exploded
  • Their number one goal is to have fun with what they do
  • Games are awesome because people can release their anger and frustration through games
  • Supports violent games because it lets you commit murder without actually hurting anybody
  • They are set to release BoneCraft any time this year
  • Plans to keep making games – as many as they possible can and keep getting better; they also need to evolve with technology as fast as they can
  • Sees gaming and social networking as the major factors that are pushing technology forward
  • Says there are people who rip them off but he has not seen anyone cloning their game because they are in a hard marketplace

About Max Baptist VIII:

Max Baptist VIII is an ambitious entrepreneur who has a 5 year experience in product development, business development, team building, management, creative/guerrilla marketing, PR, and cross market networking. He wants to develop new entertainment markets and networks that would cater to adults 18 years old and up.

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  1. Gary livingston permalink

    Did I miss a Leisure Suit Larry reference? I am feeling off by not seeing credit given to that game for paint the way here.
    But, I am on my phone currently and if that was covered I apologize and would like to thank the author and Max for covering that.

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