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Monica Foster Interview Part 2: The Porn Industry Inside Out

by benic on April 22nd, 2011

In the second part in the series of 2 (view part 1) interviews, we talk to Monica Foster more about the adult industry focusing on the porn industry. We left off on the last interview with the very important and intriguing question: “What do men really look for in porn”. I thought it was a pretty straightforward and simple question but it was interesting to hear Monica’s view on this.

Watch the Full Interview

Here are some more notes and points from this segment of the interview:

  • It’s important to create a connection with the audience when acting in porn.
  • Why is Monica not quitting porn after all? We get the EXCLUSIVE, first¬†announcement on her return to porn.
  • We discuss the up and coming studios as well as who in her view is the future superstars of porn.
  • We even get into when she lost her virginity and some early exhibition traits she’s always had. She talks about the thrill of being an exhibitionist.
  • “I think everybody should do at least one porn”.
  • Her first “web camming” session with the Finnish scientist IN Finland.
  • We discuss her current book, Getting Into Porn – The Handbook as well as her up and coming books.
  • We discuss current stars such as Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze and more.
  • We talk about what advice she would give herself with hindsight and what advice she would give new girls getting into the industry.
  • We talk about her fun projects like her “Not the Cosbys Sit-Cum” show and why Justin Timberlake was designed to shoot some porn.
  • We discuss her vision for the porn industry and herself in the next 5+ years.

We hope to hear more about Monica’s projects and get her back on our show shortly.

About Monica Foster:

A self-proclaimed exhibitionist and nerd Monica is a creative person who’s been involved with many aspects of the adult industry including exotic dancing, acting, modeling, producing, and writing. Her unique experiences lead her to write her first book about the porn industry, Getting Into Porn. Definitely not an individual to sit still Monica is always working on something exciting.

Learn More about Monica Foster:

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