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Getting Into Mainstream Porn as a Guy Aint Easy with Ryan Driller

by benic on January 20th, 2012

Ryan Driller is an AVN award nominated adult performer who’s portrayed Superman in Superman XXX as well as being featured in Beverly Hillbillies XXX. Interestingly enough Ryan’s career started out as Jeremy Bilder, an adult performer in gay pornography. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago he focused solely on straight porn. We learn what working on both sides of the industry is like.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Was a comic book geek in middle and high school.
  • Played Superman in the Vivid porn parody.
  • Received a nomination for best actor for that role.
  • Never wanted to be an actor except to play Superman.
  • Was self represented at the time and landed the role of Superman immediately following the audition.
  • Used to run a boy scout camp in the Key West for eight years.
  • Spent a few years thinking about getting into porn because he thought he would have fun with it.
  • Started researching for a few months on how to get into the industry.
  • Got in touch with a few producers who wanted to put him into gay scenes.
  • Was hesitant about doing gay scenes since he’s a straight man, but he decided to give it a try.
  • Within 5 months, Ryan moved out to LA and signed an exclusive contract with a gay company.
  • Producers and talent loves working with him because Ryan is very easy going.
  • Was blacklisted with some gay performers and studios because he was demanding condoms and testing on set.
  • Was done being a gay performer after a few years and transitioned into straight scenes.
  • The last gay scene he shot was the Dracula XXX parody for Hustler.
  • When he shot the Dracula movie, he read the entire Harry Potter book series while waiting on set.
  • Was in both the straight version and the gay version.
  • Is still active on the gay adult industry side doing production instead of performing.
  • The majority of the gay performers are straight men.
  • A lot of them got involved in the industry the same way he got in.
  • Does not recommend straight guys to get through the gay route.
  • The pay in gay scenes for his contract was 10 times more than what he’s getting as a straight performer.
  • He’s done a lot of scenes in straight porn, but his face is rarely shown.

About Ryan Driller:

Ryan driller has had a diverse experience in the adult entertainment world. He’s one of the few performers who’s been successful both in gay and straight porn. Now only performing in straight porn he’s starred in films like Superman XXX and Superman II XXX.

Learn More about Ryan Driller:

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