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The Karate Video Fetish Team of Samantha Grace and Riff

by benic on October 7th, 2011

RiffSamToday we feature our first duo on the show, Samantha Grace and her cohort Riff. Samantha Grace is a model/actress who’s into fine art, glamour, fetish, pin-up, nude and webcam modeling. Riff is an accomplished art illustrator and fetish and theater actor. Together they produce custom fetish videos as well as karate fighting videos for their fans. They share how they started and other valuable information on how to better protect yourself and succeed in this industry.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Riff does some acting but he is not a model
  • Riff and Samantha are doing the fetish thing together; Riff is the “go-to villain” in some of the fetish clips like their top seller which is a series of karate fight fetish videos
  • Their fetish evolves around Samantha being a heroine and a lot of combat karate which has an aspect of domination and submission like in kung-fu movies or wrestling
  • Samantha started in nude art modeling
  • She is not a karate expert nor does she have a black belt; this is the most common question that she’d been asked and although she would love to have a black belt, she just gives a convincing act in her videos
  • Put up a video about a year ago and it’s still selling consistently now; sells a couple a month to this day
  • Usually with Clips4Sale Videos, it sells for a little bit and then it tapers off but their video never tapered, it just became bigger and bigger
  • Made a second one because it became so popular and now, she’s thinking about making another one like a trilogy
  • They are more into specific custom videos
  • Samantha did wresting for quite a while since 2006 as well as super heroine videos back in 2005; Riff on the other hand has been in the super hero world since 1997 doing illustration work
  • She has friends who “lose” the battle in these types of videos but for some reason, maybe because of her personality, her fans would get upset if she lost in the fight scenes
  • The best way to shoot fight scenes is actually shooting in a cinematic style; there are a lot more cuts required in these videos as compared to bondage videos that just place the camera in a place where you can do anything you want
  • The angles are important. Like in the video, it would seem like one has been hit by the other but in reality they are at a safe distance
  • Everything is scripted and planned to make it as safe as possible
  • Their custom videos are a lot more expensive
  • The last video they made took about 2 hours to finish and it was only a 15 minute video
  • Last 2 videos’ location: one was at her friend’s apartment, the other at their place; for an upcoming video, she’s thinking of trying to find a very neat outdoor location because she thinks outdoor really sells it better
  • A friend gave them some tips on how to do it outdoors without people thinking it’s a domestic violence or they’re robbing; he explained that there is a procedure if you want to shoot in an alley
  • Riff wears the Gi (karate uniform); theirs is a ballet karate where Samantha wears dance leotards and she does a sequence of yoga and tai chi kind of a mixture to prepare for the fight ahead because she has to get into the right mindset as the character
  • A lot of the videos show Samantha as working for the government and Riff as a bad thug who is messing things up
  • Nobody dies in the end though and Riff just gets knocked out; they tend not to get too dark with the material; they probably have a knife and threaten each other but nothing bad ever happens
  • The fun is more in how ridiculous things are and trying to make it seem incredibly real
  • They can play around with the script as they go along such as make it look like the gun that Riff is toting comes from the government because it looks like a space gun
  • There is usually no nudity and there is no sex at all
  • Part of the allure is in the half body worship, half goddess worship and you can see this especially in the opening sequence where Samantha does her ballet tai chi in tight fitting clothing and camera is sweeping across trying to get a good look of everything around
  • Her clothing is suggestive but not overly erotic plus she’s kicking the butt of some guy with grace and style
  • Her dominant personality tends to elicit a sense of worship
  • In comics, there are a lot of men who find the women in tight clothing like Wonder Woman sexy
  • When asked by others, Samantha says that girls won’t be doing what she’s doing for a living; advises against girls who will quit their day job, to just model on the side and save a little money
  • Says it involves a lot of dedication, a lot of travel and a lot of work; she’s on her computer for 18-20 hours a day
  • Riff, as an observer of Sam and her friends, says that if want to work in the industry, you have got to put in a lot of work and you have to love what you’re doing
  • The shooting part is still work although it’s the fun part, after this there’s the video editing, sound effects, etc.; then there’s also the booking and trying to contact producers for work
  • Part of her success in the beginning of her career was her willingness to travel everywhere just to get her name out there; she has worked with everybody she could think of like if she went to an area, she would exhaust it and shoot with everyone that she could in 7-10 days
  • At the start of her career, she would be gone for 15-20 days per month
  • Had a job for a while but her employment situation was not great in her area back in 2004, nothing was coming up
  • Met a bunch of girls who were doing this full time and one invited her to come on trips with her; saw how she did it and it seemed like she lived a nomadic lifestyle; she went to whatever city she could to make money and would just move around
  • Her friend had a circuit that she followed; every 6 months, she would revisit a place over and over again; it was the same circuit every 6 months
  • Her ModelMayhem profile lists different kinds of conferences that she has attended and yet she says that that was just 2% of what she did
  • She’s not just a model but she also does webcam, pro-doming, wrestling sessions, custom videos; runs a clip store; may be opening a pay site; sells panties, etc. and even with all these, she still finds the time to cook a nice dinner every night according to Riff
  • Things just started coming in and led from one thing to another; she just started by doing artistic shoots then did glamour nude shoots because someone asked her; she then moved on to fetish works, bondage, and so on
  • It was in 2007 or 2008 that she hit a wall and thought that she can’t do it anymore; she was exhausted from traveling too much especially since for several years, she didn’t know what it felt like to be at home
  • Moved to LA from Cleveland, Ohio in 2009 when she realized that she couldn’t be there any longer; was used to movement and the vibe of being in big cities and she felt she needed to be somewhere like that
  • Thinks that you have to live in a major city for this kind of work where there is a huge market
  • Took her 2 years to make the transition; she had to leave everything behind and start over in another place
  • There were two things that propelled her in her career – moving to L.A. and getting implants
  • She had been booking a lot more work ever since she got implants; being a large-framed woman, having large boobs made a big difference and filled her out – made her seem like she lost weight
  • Does not recommend to every girl to get implants because there are successful women in the industry who have small boobs, it just fits their body type
  • If you do decide to get a boob job, spend the money for it so it looks natural
  • Hers was $10k but she did not pay for them; a bunch of submissive men did
  • Created an account with and found pay-picks, men who are into financial domination; they are men who wouldn’t be able to get her attention in real life and they think that that she would pay attention to them if they give her money
  • She has to figure out how to dominate them within 15 minutes or else they will be turned off
  • One crazy request was from a guy who wants Samantha to have her car stuck in the mud, wear boots and try to push the car out of the mud – it was impossible to shoot because she lives in the middle of the city and there weren’t any mud pits nearby
  • Truth is, 90% of all the fetishes usually had to do with something environmental to thir first sexual awakening
  • Samantha and Riff met at a fetish event where Sam was dressed as Americana, the Wonder Woman of the League of Amazing Women; at that time, Samantha still lived in Ohio and Riff lived in LA
  • Riff mistook her for someone else but one thing led to another and now they are together and shooting fetishes
  • Riff has already been doing illustration work for various websites like SuperHeroinsDemise and SooperHero; he was responsible for the monthly comic updates for SuperHeroineCentral for quite some time
  • He plays as a bad guy for Alex Bettinger, who runs Hawk Heroines and SciFi Fetishes, up to this day
  • They have made 800-900 clips; they have something going on every weekend
  • Samantha doesn’t want anyone to own her name whatsoever and most people that she had approached before usually stipulated that they should own her content and her URL
  • What she did with her website was they have a very good friend who is doing it for her without any attachments
  • There are a lot of predators in the market who take advantage of girls, especially those who are new, who are not street smart or business savvy
  • A lawyer and an accountant should be any model’s two best friends in the industry like if you have a model release that you don’t like, send it to a lawyer
  • You may have to spend $100-200 for it but it will save you thousands in the end
  • This industry has a lot less safeguards in place for people; a lot has become verbal contract and most are done online so less people know about what’s going on
  • Samantha is the heart and core of the whole thing right now and Riff is the silent partner
  • Riff is going to be doing some of his work with Samantha but that’s still down the road
  • Always do things yourself and/or hire people to do it for you, whether it’s a website, shooting, or lips for sale; the “I’ll pat your back and you pat mine” never works out
  • Says you should always have contracts, always pay people for their services
  • Riff also added that if you want it to be your profession, then be professional about it; try to know as much as you can about what you’re getting into, know what you don’t know and try to find people who know
  • Sam has always followed Tony Robbins’ advice in a weird sense – always find someone who is more knowledgeable than you are to do it for you and learn from them
  • She took the time to develop business relationships with people and knowing the right people
  • Says you should not be afraid to pay people for their services; most of the money that she makes goes right back into her business; she doesn’t spend her money on cars and fancy designer clothes, she doesn’t even have an iPhone
  • Don’t be afraid to spend your money into your business and on yourself; take acting classes, learn, be smart, read books…
  • Sam’s membership site as well as Riff’s website will be up in due time

About Samantha Grace and Riff:

Samantha and RiffSamantha and Riff do not only have a personal relationship with each other but they also work together in producing custom clips as well as karate fight fetish videos which are hugely popular in their niche. They constantly cook up something special for their fans every week to satisfy any heroine fetish craving.

Learn More about Samantha Grace and Riff

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