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Possessing Both the Yin and Yang Sex Qualities with Sarina Valentina

by benic on September 21st, 2011

Sarina ValentinaSarina Valentina is a sexy yet fun transgender porn star actress and webcam model. Sarina started her transition to she-male when she was 14 years old. At 18, she started nude modeling but then stopped when she got too much attention. Since then she’s been webcam modeling and only returned to the porn industry last year. She shares with us her beginnings and her future plans.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Sees her Twitter quote “the modern day sex symbol that possess both Yin and Yang qualities” as a better way to explain herself as a transsexual
  • Sees herself as a girl although she’s aware that she’s different and she’s not afraid to embrace that part of her unlike other transsexuals
  • Other transsexuals are a little bit insecure about things; she on the other hand stands for being herself, being confident and loving herself
  • Says that regardless of what you were born as, you should just be open with your sexuality and have fun
  • People can consider her whatever and may give her labels but she’ll just be herself no matter what
  • A contract model for SMC Revenue; has a website that features her sexual explorations
  • Started her transition when she was 14 but she had always played with girl toys
  • She was spoiled by her parents so she always got what she asked for; had the freedom to play with anything she wanted without her parents trying to tell her no
  • It was when she got older that people started to say little things to her and that was when she noticed that she was different; playing with dolls at 8 years old was not acceptable anymore as compared to playing with them at a younger age
  • Things that people used to say to her were, “You’re Girly” or “Girly-Boy;” they used to make fun of her, they knew she was different
  • Some of the guys did not include her in masculine games like cops and robbers and she felt left out
  • So she started hanging out with girls; she had a lot of girl friends; started doing what they did like being a “fan girl” of boy bands
  • Told her mother that she wanted to be a transgender when she was 14 years old
  • Had a friend who was a transgender at a young age who gave her some resources which led to her to make some changes like taking puberty blocking medication
  • Her mom was supportive but her dad wasn’t
  • She had always wanted to be a model; went right into nude modeling when she was 18
  • Her first shoot was for HottiesUnlimited with Lauren who connected her with another person for her second shoot
  • But after that she decided to stop because she was still too young and she got a lot of attention – her friends in her neighborhood found out about it; she did not know how to handle it then
  • Soon after started in the adult industry because she noticed that there were more prettier transsexuals there when she was looking at a lot of transgender models (in different industries) to compare and look up to as a teen
  • The pretty transgenders in the adult industry became an inspiration for her of what she wanted to look like when she grows older but she never thought she would work in the same industry
  • What made her choose to join the industry was the fact that more and more transgender were joining the industry which made her say to herself, “if they can do it, why can‘t I?”
  • She was very sexual as a child, had a lot of sexual experiences – more with men although she also had experiences with women so she thought it was going to be easy for her
  • Guys who knew she was a transsexual approached her to have sex; by then she had her boobs done at 16 and she was behaving like a “bad girl” running around with boobs, not knowing how to act like a lady
  • She was sent to a reform school where other problematic kids doing drugs or doing weird stuff were sent; she was just sitting there looking so much like a girl and being happy and there were thuggish looking guys looking at her making her anxious; she didn’t want them to find out that she was transgender, it was very scary for her
  • Initially used the staff bathroom and then eventually the girls’ bathroom in the reform school
  • Had friends as her support group so she had a lot of resources for doing business online such as when a friend sent her pictures of herself and told her to try it too when she turned 18
  • Loved modeling and everything that had to do with it – it was fun!
  • Did a few personal shoots with other friends like posed for an ad on hair extensions for a hair salon
  • Started trading for pictures to build her portfolio when she joined ModelMayhem
  • She approached some modeling agencies but was turned down because she wasn’t tall enough and she had big boobs
  • Since she didn’t have enough resources to go around New York and look for an agency, she thought why not do swimsuit and lingerie modeling on her website and just look hot
  • Her first shoot was with her friends where she only did basic stuff like solo and talking on the phone as if she were having phone sex
  • She felt anxious and scared at that time but she just did it and that was when it blew over the internet and MySpace and everyone was talking about it
  • Always had an interest in skin care and that was what she thought of doing when she took a break from modeling; sees doing it in the future
  • Keeps herself updated on the latest stuff and things that would make life easier; since she’s in this industry looking fabulous is also on the list
  • Sees herself as lucky because she started young – she didn’t get hair all over her body or undergo surgery for facial reconstruction
  • Attracting a lot of guys and telling them that she’s transgender is still a work in progress for her; she’s still trying to learn how to deal with it
  • Surprisingly, a lot of guys were a good sport when she tells them that she’s a transgender but then they don’t know their boundaries and they think they can violate her just because she told them
  • One time she was hanging out with a guy and right then and there, the guy googled her and showed her her pictures while giggling; it was not cool!
  • Doesn’t like lying and is usually pretty straight up
  • Did a dating application form for a boyfriend; received a lot of cool emails and she still receives emails from it
  • It started when she was in a relationship and she was really frustrated with it; it happened spontaneously when she was on a radio interview on iTunes because she wanted to see what kind of responses she would get
  • Was surprised at the number of emails she got from guys who were open; a guy sent a picture of him and his daughter
  • Took a break and only returned to the adult industry when she was 21, 3 years after the incident
  • What made her return to the industry are: she loved the freedom of being her own person, she could express herself and she loves dressing up
  • She was doing webcam modeling the whole time that she was on a break which made it easier for her to return because she was getting used to being nude and being exposed to a lot of people
  • Open to doing anything except when it is very demeaning, gross or grotesque like being surrounded by 5 guys with dicks on her face; likes to be in control and feel like a goddess
  • Recently did a clip for TS Seduction; it was an intense experience to see a big building just shooting non-stop porn 24/7
  • They had a webcam hallway for live streaming models but her video wasn’t streamed live though
  • It was a real location but they had sets everywhere; legit movie sets too; the set that she had used was actually used in a mainstream movie or show
  • They also had rooms and coed showers; it was a very sexual place; also had a lot of workers
  • Has a 50-50 kind of situation with SMC Revenue; they can suggest something and she can choose if she wants to do it or not
  • She’s excited about having live streaming shows on her site
  • Evil Angel and Devil’s Films are some of the companies that do mainstream porn and also cover the niche TS or transsexual; they can create shemale content and produce it in DVD format
  • The niche TS is growing; before, it used to be a taboo or a freakish kind of thing but now it is serious; a lot of the models are serious and legit, and they look really good
  • A tattoo artist, who’s doing work for her and a couple of others, made a comic book of herself showing her in different characters like being a vampire, a superhero, a sexy alien and a girl holding a light saber, etc.; it plays music as well e.g. star wars sound track
  • Gets a lot of fan art but she doesn’t really know what makes her attractive to her fans because she doesn’t know what’s in their mind; it may be because she’s fun, fun to draw
  • Finds it flattering when she gets fan art; it really makes her smile and she can’t wait to see more
  • Thinking of having her own spa business in the future but at the moment she’s just taking it day by day; doesn’t have a solid plan of her future
  • Loves what she is doing now and there are a lot of fun things that she can do; as long as she’s being her own person and she can express herself, she feels she’s doing the right thing no matter how far she is in her career or how much she earns
  • Likes to share things with people such as funny things that she videotapes so if they want to see an idiot, they can visit her YouTube channel

About Sarina Valentina:

Sarina ValentinaSarina Valentina is one of the sexiest and most beautiful shemales in the adult industry. Recently featured in TS Seduction, Sarina loves action, dressing up and looking hot. She does not only have the typical article and video blog posts on her site, she also showcases fan art. Not only that but she will have live streaming on her website soon too!

Learn More about Sarina Valentina


  1. Cami B permalink

    Firstly, I applaud you for interviewing Sarina. She’s a very beautiful woman and obviously very popular and it’s always good to see trans-people in the public eye more and more.

    That being said, and as a transexual woman myself, I find your comment in the beginning of the interview where you state that Sarina is “not a woman” highly offensive. Most transexuals identify as their proper gender at an early age. I myself have known since the age of six that I was in the wrong body. Anyone telling me differently is just plain wrong. I know who I am and have struggled very hard to get where I am now. Sarina is a woman, lives her life like that and you should give her the respect that she has earned. It’s not an easy life struggling with something that’s beyond our control.

    Please have a care in the future when dealing with trans people, boys or girls.

    • Thank you for the comment. In hindsight my comment as her not being a woman I can see as being offensive. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to interview her and other transgendered individuals so I can better understand where they are coming from. The hardest part for me grappling with this topic is realizing that gender is not purely defined by the anatomical parts that people are born. It’s something that I myself have been taught – namely penises are for men and vaginas are for women. My intent is not malicious but the words I chose could have been better selected. I’ll be sure to be more careful in the future.

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