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The Housewife Who Became a Fulltime Webcam Model with Paige Little

by benic on September 19th, 2011

Sexy Little PaigePaige Little (aka Sexy Little Paige) has been a housewife for 25 years when 8 years ago she started posting adult photos of herself online as a hobby. Soon after, her hobby blossomed into a full time career as a webcam model, she built her own member site, and  now she’s helping other cam models through her  role with WebGirlTweet .She has much wisdom to share.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Her journey in the adult industry started eight years ago by submitting a few photos to PicHunter
  • Considers herself as a sexual person and submitted photos to the site for fun; started to submit more explicit photos and they got better and better feedback
  • Her husband found PicHunter and suggested to post the photos there for fun and see what happens
  • They do not flaunt what they’re doing but instead treat it as a personal type of entertainment
  • Her first public encounter with a fan was kind of flattering and a bit frightening
  • Her hobby of posting photos turned into making videos; she wanted to have her own site to meet people with the same interest
  • Her website,, was launched during her stint at a Dreamnet party
  • In their family, everyone just respects everyone as an adult; they have not brought up or discussed their work with their kids
  • Other people have date nights, their’s was take out the camera and span photos; she had never thought that it would turn into a career and have as much fun
  • Shared how she crossover from posting pictures as a hobby to turning it into a business; she had her 9 to 5 day job back then when she started and she did her member shows at night
  • No longer employed by others for the past four years
  • She had a growing number of subscribers on her first webcam network; there were members who asked her to do shows more often
  • Her Dreamnet friends encouraged her to expand and to reach out to her members more frequently
  • Enjoyed talking and laughing with people; she has a great time when talking to her members
  • Her members grew rapidly and she didn’t have ample time for her shows because of her regular job at the time
  • She enjoyed it so much that she decided to quit her day job and become self-employed
  • When she first started she earned $1.50/minute however she’s getting a lot more now because she’s getting paid based on the ratings she receives from the members
  • Tremendously enjoys what she is doing which made transitioning from doing it part time to full time very easy
  • It became profitable enough to allow her to quit her day job and do it on a full time basis
  • Grateful to her fans, members, as well as her friends for where she is now
  • Her biggest challenge during her first cam show was to make sure that she can give her members what they are looking for in a live show
  • Relied on friends’ suggestions, watched other live performances, and leveraged her own personality to make her own brand
  • She has her own unique way of handling her chat room and developing rapport with her members which made her stand out and establish a unique brand
  • As a non-techie person, she had difficulty on her first webcam show; had countless problems such as a confusing buttons to push, making sure that server is not lagging, etc.
  • Amazed at Streamate’s latest technology as it offers full audio spectrum with no feedback and delay as compared to her previous webcamming experiences; she did not have to type in her answers to the questions being thrown at her because it can capture her voice making it easy for her to communicate with her members
  • Prior to signing exclusively with Streamnet, she had a reserve network to use to in case something would go wrong. But because of Streamate’s state of the art facilities, she let it go in just 2 weeks time
  • Streamate gets 33% of her earnings and she described it as pretty comparable to other networks
  • She is overwhelmed with the traffic that Streamate generates for their performers because of their extensive promotions
  • Was able to bring her fan base as well as friends from other networks to Streamate
  • Currently runs, a membership site where her members can access her photo sets, videos (most are girl on girl), daily blogs and calendar
  • Collaborated with Streamate where she does her daily show to offer a discount for her members
  • Advice to newbies: don’t do it for the money, do it for fun, because you enjoy it
  • Added that they should invest in good equipment: camera, fast computers, full audio, HD, etc.; they should not expect a paycheck right off the bat; it takes time to build a fan base
  • Reiterated that having good looks won’t guarantee you a growing number of members; the most gorgeous lady or couple may not be successful in the business if they don’t have the interaction and if they aren’t willing to put a lot of time and energy to establish one self and a fan base
  • Says it is not as lucrative as believed but it can definitely pay one’s bills
  • You need to separate your personal issues from your professional work because it can affect your performance
  • Recently expanded and managed WebGirlTweet, part of theNaughty Tweet Network, which combines the twitter accounts of webgirls; she verifies members joining the list, manages profiles, and re-tweets the girls’ stuff to promote them
  • Currently has 5,600 followers and growing rapidly
  • Says that aside from being a girl, to become a member of the WebGirlTweet, you should have a paid membership site and you’re accepting members. The members can then follow them and have access to whatever latest post they will be doing
  • It all started during Chicago’s Ecstasy show in July 2010 when she met and befriended Pete Housely of PornStarTweet; she got a phone call from Pete who asked her to help manage the WebGirlTweet which she gladly accepted as she saw it as an opportunity to help and be part of a network
  • Looks forward to the challenges and opportunities that would come her way
  • Her long term vision includes mentoring new ladies in the camming industry and helping her friends develop their own adult website
  • Completely shocked at times that even at her age and being a housewife, she is a webcam model
  • Aside from mentoring, she shares that she and her friends are thinking of creating a book that compiles and talks about their webcam experiences
  • Can’t see herself not doing what she’s doing now; can’t foretell if she’s going to stop camming for the next 5 to 10 years

About Sexy Little Paige:

Sexy Little PaigeWho could have thought that this hot little 45-year old housewife next door could be a webcam sensation with 8000+ Twitter followers? Sexy Little Paige is not just an adult web model though. She also manages one of Naughty Tweet Network’s newest addition, WebGirlTweet.

Learn More about Sexy Little Paige


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