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Lessons Learned from Surviving a Reality Show with Adam Glasser aka Seymore Butts

by benic on November 18th, 2011

Today’s guest is Adam Glasser or as he’s sometimes better known, Seymore Butts. As well as making countless award winning adult films, starring in a successful reality show he’s alos an author penning Rock Her World: The Sex Guide For The Modern Man. Today he shares how he started in adult, his experience being on a reality show, and how that inspired him to write his next book, How to Survive a Reality Show.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Working on a book “How to Survive a Reality Show” handbook.
  • Expects the book to come out within six months.
  • Wants people to understand what they’re getting into when they join a reality show.
  • Started working on the book after producing his own reality show.
  • The recent suicide on the Housewives show was what stirred him to write this manuscript.
  • His reality show “Family Business” was on for four seasons.
  • Thinks his show would have had a longer life span if he was able to disregard his morals.
  • Arranged for the last episode to be a cliffhanger, but the show was not renewed.
  • His original idea was to do a dramedy scripted series based on his life.
  • Was prosecuted for obscenity for fisting in a scene.
  • PBS did a documentary that profiled his case.
  • The case did not go to trial, and the charges were dropped on the day of jury selection.
  • Producers saw his story on PBS and wanted to do a reality show based on that.
  • Becoming more mainstream has always been a goal to open up to a bigger market.
  • Has had his assistant for almost ten years.
  • Has a 15 year old son that isn’t allowed to watch the show.
  • His son’s mother is Taylor Hayes, who is also in the adult industry.
  • Told his son at a young age that they are in a business that entertains adults.
  • Would tell his son’s teachers that he’s a writer or producer instead of saying he’s in the adult industry.
  • Picked the name, Seymore Butts, because he thought it was funny and memorable.

About Seymore Butts:

Seymore Butts (aka Adam Glasser) has worn many hats in his life: adult film producer, director, actor, reality show, and even author. He’s currently working on a new book and has returned to his roots of making adult movies.

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