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Getting Healthy by Switching to Porn with Tatiyana Foxx

by benic on November 14th, 2011

Tatiyana Foxx started out in the adult industry when she was 19 years old as an exotic dancer. But after 3 years of dancing and the toll it was taking on her health she decided to move on into porn. As soon as she posted an ad on Sexy Jobs she got a call from Bang Bros who wanted to shoot her. That’s what started her film career as she starts out her journey as a newcomer to the adult film world.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Was a dancer originally for 3 years, but got out of it because it took a toll on her body.
  • Was relying on alcohol for dancing and it started affecting her health.
  • Parents used to give her a ride to her gigs as a dancer.
  • Started doing scenes only 4 months ago as an experiment but decided to get into it full time.
  • Started in the adult industry when she was 19.
  • Considers herself straight/bisexual.
  • Does not recommend anyone dancing right now because there’s no money in it.
  • Got into the porn industry by applying for an ad on
  • Bang Bros flew her out to Miami for her first scene.
  • The entire process took about 2 hours.
  • Was hoping that her family would not find out about her scene.
  • Her aunt claimed she stumbled across this online and watched the entire video.
  • When her mom found out, she was supportive.
  • Decided to sign with an agency after her jobs slowed.
  • Having a good agent is very important, and she would recommend it.
  • Wants to eventually become more mainstream.
  • Would drink alcohol when she started doing scenes, but stopped after she became more comfortable.
  • Can play the alto saxophone and the keyboard by ear.
  • Was in a band during junior high and high school for a year.
  • Is working on a blog website to build her fan base.

About Tatiyana Foxx:

Tatiyana Foxx was a former exotic dancer before she decided to make the switch to adult films. Now she plans to focus on her film career and her future website.

Learn More about Tatiyana Foxx

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