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16 Years of Making Porn as a Professional Villain with Tim Woodman

by benic on January 30th, 2012

Tim Woodman who’s also known as Pro Villain is a bondage and fetish movie producer, director, and actor. He’s shot everything from bondage films to forced fantasy videos and worked with unknown fetish actresses all the way to mainstream porn actresses. He started out 16 years ago as a rigger (the person who ties up the girls) and has been doing it ever since. Learn more about fetish world and how he’s lasted this long in the industry.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Tim Woodman shoots fetish videos, from tame bondage videos to torture videos
  • Has been doing this for 16 years
  • His stuff first started off on VHS films
  • Has had well known mainstream porn actresses in his videos
  • Rated R movies with more sex
  • Started off in the industry as a bondage rigger (person who ties people up)
  • Also teaches safe and effective rigging for bondage at a local LA bdsm club
  • Got introduced to bondage from a friend. Did it once and loved it
  • In the beginning you only did bondage videos or sex videos not both
  • His girlfriend at the time wanted to keep making videos so they continued
  • Initially only did videos with his girlfriend, but eventually branched off
  • Considers bondage the gateway fetish
  • Forced fantasy (ie rape) he discovered has a large female audience
  • His fans sometimes write in to thank him for making their fantasies come true
  • Likes giving his female stars different roles than traditional porn roles
  • He’d rather lose the whole day’s worth of content and pay than have an actress have a bad experience… his reputation is extremely important to him
  • He always had a forced fantasy video idea in mind with Asa Akira, so he contacted her and made it
  • Noticed differences between working with mainstream porn stars vs fetish actresses
  • When he books his actresses he books them by the hour rather than by the scene which happens often in mainstream porn
  • CC Bill and other adult payment processors wouldn’t accept his site to process payments for
  • Sending VHS videos was difficult since different US counties would open his packages and wouldn’t allow it
  • All his content is sold “pay per view”. Doesn’t have a membership site and doesn’t want to
  • Has two different sites: 1 for more bondage non-sexual stuff and the other for the more sexual stuff
  • Piracy still affects his content and sales though not as bad as the mainstream porn industry
  • Doesn’t like pushy advertising so doesn’t do a lot of advertising
  • He does get requests from users to do special scenes or get certain actresses
  • Normally pays $200 an hour for his models (but varies depending on the model/situation)
  • It’s a myth that porn stars are rolling in money
  • Before the fetish videos he wanted to be a rockstar
  • Doesn’t believe girls should run their own membership site since they have to promise updating the site
  • Instead they should own their content
  • Sometimes the videos he thinks will be successful aren’t

About Tim Woodman aka Pro Villain:

Tim Woodman is the Professional Villain (aka Pro Villain) a bondage and fetish video producer. After a a friend suggested shooting a bondage film with his girlfriend he was hooked into the world and lifestyle. 16 years laters he’s shot countless of videos ranging from the tame to the more extreme fetish videos.

Learn More about Tim Woodman:

  • Tim Woodman’s Website
  • Tim Woodman on Twitter @provillain
  • Email: Tim [at]

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