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Modeling in Porn is More About Looking Good than Feeling Good with Zoe Holiday

by benic on December 12th, 2011

Zoe Holiday is a relative new entrant into the adult film world. She’s been performing in films for the past year and more recently has been focused on gathering content for her soon-to-be-launched membership site. Prior to doing adult films she was a topless dancer for 5 years. We learn about her journey so far.

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Here are the interview notes:

  • Has been in the industry for a year.
  • Started doing out paid shoots for websites.
  • Wanted to do her own site, which she is still working on.
  • Shooting her own content for her website.
  • Avoids doing webcam because she prefers to have sex in person.
  • Was doing topless dancing for five years before going into movies.
  • Decided to get into dancing because she got a divorce and needed to pay the bills.
  • Prefers to be touched when giving dances, and that’s why she prefers porn.
  • Met Moxxie Maddron who helped her get into the porn industry.
  • Doesn’t want an agent because of all the horror stories.
  • Wants to focus on her website and get that up first before considering getting an agent.
  • Had to learn how to pose, but she was very excited about doing her first scene.
  • Watches her own videos once to see the final product.
  • Was told to tone it down on camera because producers want the scenes to look good, rather than have her feel good.
  • Really enjoys having sex, and enjoys having sex on camera.
  • Met Damien Cain through her lab technician who draws her blood.
  • Has invested about 15 to 20 thousand in her website so far.
  • Once her website is up and running, she wants to get involved in other social media networks.

About Zoe Holiday:

Zoe Holiday started out in the adult world is an exotic dancer after she decided she needed a change of pace. After 5 years of dancing she decided to branch off into porn. Now a year into it she’s working on launching her own site.

Learn More about Zoe Holiday:

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